Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The most useless poetic waxing about home.

It is a bluebird day here in the rain-forest. At noon this morning (er, afternoon), I cracked my eyes just the tiniest bit to see the sun beaming through the crack between my bedroom curtains. My room was cold and I could smell the crisp air as if I were outside. The whole thing made me smile, and the sun ultimately woke me up. That, and the fact that my cat, Popsicle was doing this thing where she crawls all over me and tries to rub her anus in my face. What the fuck?
Juneau, Alaska is a special place. Anyone who knows me knows how strongly I feel that way--but when the rain falls in October and November, it falls constantly and it falls sideways, and even I can forget how great this place can be. Today, with the orangey colors and below-freezing air that somehow manages to feel warm, is the exception. Today is a reminder of the importance of the beauty in nature to the well-being of the soul (and other cheesy lines of bullshit). In short, I love it here. The end.