Monday, October 11, 2010

No coffee?!

Okay, so I made a vow not to write in my blog unless I'm drinking coffee. I wanted to stay true to the vow, I really did--but it's inching towards midnight right now and I can't sleep. So I'm blogging, and consequently breaking the coffee vow. Meh...
The reason I can't sleep is because I slept in until noon today, which is honestly pretty typical for a Sunday. What else is there to do? I'm a kidless, jobless, full time college student. We tend to be sleepers; and I am no exception to that rule.

I just realized that I don't have anything else to say about sleeping. Perhaps it is because I am sleepy. Regardless, it's time for a subject I'm going to write about an amazing movie I saw last night. It is called "A Single Man." Allow me to gush...

Different movies affect people differently. "Inception" rocked the socks off of nearly everyone I know, but I personally thought it was only alright. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. So I don't expect the entire world to go nuts over "A Single Man," but I sure did. The film (2009) was the directorial debut of Tom Ford, who is (get this!) a fashion designer. Every single frame in the film was a piece of art; it was truly astounding. But honestly, the sheer gorgeousness of the movie was just icing on cake. The real beauty, the part that tugged on my heartstrings in a way few things can, was the story.
"A Single Man" is based off of a book of the same name by Christopher Isherwood, and at its most simple level, it's the story of a man dealing with grief. The entire film is set within one fateful day, and is a fascinating look at how death and love can profoundly affect someone. I won't go into more detail than that because I don't want to bore you with a plot summary, but I really appreciated this movie. It was visually amazing, contextually fascinating and Colin Firth is just so dreamy (what is it about average looking British men that I find so attractive? I'll never know). As soon as I can pencil in some time for "fun" reading, I'm going to devour the book. It is movies like "A Single Man" that make me glad I broke it off with Jennifer Aniston when I did.


  1. Did I mention that I took two melatonin before writing this?

  2. um....i'm a unusual movie watcher too though I do like the regulars also.
    i'm enjoying your dialog. it's as if we were sitting across from each other chatting.... cups of coffee warming our hands.

  3. I agree with Anna, the voice is one of friendly miscellaneous conversation had over coffee. That being said, I think that you can take that as your vow for this piece. Making other want to drink coffee makes up for you not having any when you wrote this.

  4. Wow. I really enjoyed this piece. It was a sweet peek of personal revelation that evolved into a film review and ended with a woot woot for melatonin. Nice! Also, I reckon I will put that movie on my list for when I ever get to do anything NOT school/work related!